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Synthwave 101: Sounds of the Neon Age







These vids



Idk, I dont agree 100% on what she thinks synthwave represents coming back but

good overview video about synthwave groups out there




her point on in the 80s it was a time of oppression and no free speech. That to day its the same way, thus the revival of synthwave.

But good overview of some good synthband


That’s an interesting take on things. I don’t agree with it either, but still.


I agree, its just in the preface of the video before getting into artists so I thought I would comment on it

Over all good video. She does good videos on 2077 too.


puts on headphones, reclines in chair, closes eyes, presses play

god damn that was an experience




Bruh, did you drop acid while listening to that? lmfao


oh lord I could only imagine


Why would you want to listen to NAZI music


I swear to god, if this is real…


Fashwave best wave

They take synth songs, put Nazi Marches as the video, boom, fashwave


Should any of you need a soundtrack to an 80’s car chase, I’ve got you covered.