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Synthwave 101: Sounds of the Neon Age




Pre-ordered this the second it got announced.


Big props for mentioning Kraftwerk as godfathers of synthwave (and any kind of electronic music for that matter really).

I've been listening to synthwave again like crazy for two weeks, don't know if it's the weather or what but I'm really in a mood of synthwave. I'm checking out this and so far I'm digging it.


I've been on a synthwave craze for a while. Almost 30% of the music in my music library is some form of synthwave.


Chew on this


I love that video, the funny thing is that HOME himself made a post in his Tumblr saying that none of that was intentional, it just came like that.

I had that phase with Black Metal but like even more obsessive, almost 70% of my library is Black Metal. Usually in summer I take a break from extreme metal, maybe is the heat or maybe I'm in a mood for something different.


HOME is real as fuck




On another note, can't stop listening to the new Scandroid track.


The explanation of the theory behind it is badass but HOME's response is just godly.

With all these albums i'm chewing i'm starting to feel like trying to make some tunes as soon as I have spare money to buy a new laptop.

Holy shit this Com Truise album bangs so much.


That reminds me.

shameless self-promotion





this happened


I Am the Night and The Uncanny Valley are really good. I'm actually listening to one of the tracks from I Am the Night right now.



when i get in my car, and it's dark out, its synthwave time.


the new GosT album is so siiick