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Synthwave 101: Sounds of the Neon Age



kewldude007, you're the kewlest



Kraftwerk started doing Synthwave way back in the days when they had to solder their own synths together by hand and program them in FORTRAN. They continued to innovate into the '80's and well after.

Some of these sounds are amplified output from a calculator.




Kavinsky is always nice to see. just need a new album from him :slight_smile:


Hell yeah, man.


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latest obsessions..





3:35 That's the sound of Heaven...

I miss making music :slight_smile:


I still listen to them today. Home computer, Numbers, Trans Europe Express, And those are just the main stream classics


Who says you can't start back up? :smile:


I don't have my equipment any more, ( midi controllers, synths etc) I do still have the software and instrument packs but It is very time consuming and I have a ton going on right now. Ableton Live was great at the time for just popping in and dropping some tracks, The last time I used it was Live 9, not even sure what version they're on now


night swimming nights... (?)


so good,

fav tracks:

Godspeed Us To The Stars
Run The Code
Visceral Grit '92
In Dreams


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