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Synthetic intelligence — let's be real


lol You’re singing my song, Radio. But you know, there’s something to be said for the slow thorough types. Yes, I’ve alluded to the quantum thing myself. Once they work out the algorithms for the collosal number cruncher all bets will be off. I shudder to think. Still, from the hardware aspect of things graphene could yet play a role and one of the first things I thought of when I saw how graphene could be so easily manipulated (i saw a demonstration with scotch tape) was the way it reminded me of grey matter. And now, thanks to this thread, I’m learning how receptive it is to DNA.


This is the very reason I started this thread. After reading many posts in other places online and watching several YouTube videos I got to thinking, “Man, we are teetering on the threshold of something enormously signficant here that could even spell out the end of Homo sapiens.” I find it unsettling and rather disturbing. You can imagine my surprise when I found so little on Level One about it. So… I started a thread to see what others thought.


You provided a rather thought provoking link yourself, I dare say. I watched every video on that link. Frankly, after all that I learned from those videos I am little bit disturbed. Call it paternal instinct, stuperstition, input overload — whatever. I’m a dad and I have three lovely young daughters. I’m very concerned for the world they might be living in when I’m off to the next reality.


Um, what do you think all the references to “The Singularity “ are about?
When computer systems become self aware, it is surely only a matter of time till they conspire to rid the planet of the wasteful flesh-bags messing the place up…


I think the Singularity thing is just another euphemism for BE ONE WITH THE BORG :alien:


I don’t really think there is much we could suprise Isaac with but one thing keeps nagging me. If “we” (whoever we might be) don’t develop A.I. someone else surely will. The thing that rubs me is this “Synthetic” thing because what the goal is with S.I. is to actually manufacture Consciousness — not merely intelligence. In a manner of speaking they mean to fabricate a god. That has me concerned. Yup.


What could be more primal than graphene. And soooo ORGANIC! :grin:

Surely in all these definitions we should be able to find a home for the word “organic” (especially when it bonds so well to DNA)

organic [awr-gan-ik]


1 noting or pertaining to a class of chemical compounds that formerly comprised only those existing in or derived from plants or animals, but that now includes all other compounds of carbon.

2 characteristic of, pertaining to, or derived from living organisms: organic remains found in rocks.

3 of or relating to an organ or the organs of an animal, plant, or fungus.

4 of, relating to, or affecting living tissue: organic pathology.

5 Psychology. caused by neurochemical, neuroendocrinologic, structural, or other physical impairment or change: organic disorder.Compare functional(def 5).

6 Philosophy. having an organization similar in its complexity to that of living things.

7 characterized by the systematic arrangement of parts; organized; systematic: elements fitting together into a unified, organic whole.

8 of or relating to the basic constitution or structure of a thing; constitutional; structural: The flaws in your writing are too organic to be easily remedied.

9 developing in a manner analogous to the natural growth and evolution characteristic of living organisms; arising as a natural outgrowth.

10 viewing or explaining something as having a growth and development analogous to that of living organisms: an organic theory of history.

11 pertaining to, involving, or grown with fertilizers or pesticides of animal or vegetable origin, as distinguished from manufactured chemicals: organic farming; organic fruits.

12 Law. of or relating to the constitutional or essential law or laws of organizing the government of a state.

13 Architecture. noting or pertaining to any work of architecture regarded as analogous to plant or animal forms in having a structure and a plan that fulfill perfectly the functional requirements for the building and that form in themselves an intellectually lucid, integrated whole.

14 Fine Arts. of or relating to the shapes or forms in a work of art that are of irregular contour and seem to resemble or suggest forms found in nature.


I agree on graphene. Carbon is the element of life as we know it for a reason. The way it is able to bond to other elements make it the ideal medium for producing the molecules needed for us to exist and sustain ourselves.
I would even go so far as to say when they come out with far more advanced quantum or semi-quantum computers that work at room temperature, it will only work with graphene instead of silicon.
I’m pretty sure Intel, AMD, and IBM have all done extensive experimenting with graphene CPU’s. You would think with the power-draw discrepancy of AMD’s graphics cards, they were already using graphene:)
Another thing I’ve been curious of is we have had nano-wire, or graphene woven wire, for over 15 years now, and I have yet to see it in an electromagnet. Smaller wires carrying more current means vastly superior coils. These could be used in everything from headphones all the way up to better super-colliders. And definitely more efficient electric motors.


It is scary when you look at it closely, but there is another side to all of this where I still hold out hope. An AI combined with quantum computing would be a boon for science. Every field of science. It will make deductions and inferences that human minds might not even want to consider, but once they are out, scientific leaders will take notice, and we will all be brought along for new discoveries.



There is the old dmd if you do dmd if you don’t conundrum. If someone does not develop Singularity someone else surely will. I am delighted to see that you have made the graphene connection as well. What initially impressed me about graphene was that it is so comparatively workable as compared to say, silicon. (I think we both know where the sit on the P.T.E.) If it is possible to produce layers of graphene only one atom thick in your average household kitchen this will pose as zero challenge to big industry. The fact that graphene is so incredibly strong, flexible, and conductive should not be excluded from consideration. Another thing that I found interesting is how graphene is already being merged with DNA at the experimental level. Just how “organic” GRAPHENE may or may not be I will not surmise as I am not a certified biologist, chemist, or anythingist but I do tend to think a lot, read a lot, and I write. I have always had a natural, healthy curiosity about things. To be true, my wife, who works in a research lab, has more experience with these sorts of things than I do. Alas,she frequently finds my questions annoying. Lastly, as you mentioned previously, there is the quantum aspect of humanity’s approach to the Singularity. Frankly, I think there is a good volume of information not being currently shared with the public for commercial reasons. Yes, it’s scary. It would almost seem that mankind will finally at long last be in a position to give power and life to the proverbial “image of the beast”.


I saw this and thought it relevant. Scientists are growing primitive under developed Neanderthal brains in a lab to hook into robot bodies. The hope is to learn something about why they died out but it may advance cyborg or human-AI melding.


Funny how they talk about creating lab-grown brains that are way less complex than ours, then compare that to Neandertals. I don’t think Neandertals were very stupid, and they were likely smarter than the average American, which doesn’t say much.
And the article talks about hooking the brain into computers and robots, and how amazing that science will be. Their conclusion, I thought, would be to study BCI tech with brain tissue without the investment stigma of using human cadaver brains. But no, their conclusion was that this would tell them how Neandertals went extinct. Yeah, right:)


Hmmm… could it be possible that they’re using Neanderthal material to get around potential legalities considering that they are not Homo sapiens.


We could breed with them so … Not so different.


Hey wow. Maybe we could each have our own private, programmable neanderthal! :slight_smile: