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Synthetic intelligence — let's be real


Invisible world = abstract theory
Visible world = what our senses can see feel and touch (think applied physics)

Basically, we impose abstract theory into the physical material world and lose sight of it.


Cool article.


Audience polls indicate that the humans will still better at the speeches


Back in my college days anything carbon based was considered by geologists and chemists as being “organic”. Now they’re learning to bridge graphene to DNA. My, how interesting! Meh. . . Comparitively speaking, we are all organic idiots.


Without controversy, Tesla was brilliant.


IF . . . Science = Philosophy the terms are redundant. Personally, my comprehension of the terms set them apart. As I mentioned previously, I use a more radical approach. At the risk of oversimplification science = knowledge. Philosophy = the love of wisdom. That is the etymological breakdown that prevents concepts from flying out of control. When the lines of definition blur and bleed into one another AMBIGUITY rules.



No, you don’t, not really.

Science and scientific knowledge are two different things. Science is a process, a methodology.

Only if you translate the term literally and ignore what it actually means.

You don’t understand how language works, copy that.

Says the person who just ignored how words are actually used in favour of etymology.

Edit: You had a whole day to come up with a reply and this is what I got? That’s just insulting tbh.

Edit: another edit

If cheese = dairy the terms are redundant.

That’s basically what you just said.


LOL. Tesla definitely thought both clearly and deeply. Alot of people thought he was crazy. I tend towards believing he was a genius, and people thought he was crazy because they couldn’t understand him.
There is one area where he was certainly insane, and that was believing that people would see the value of his inventions and ideas, and he could help make the world a better place. He never foresaw the reality of corporate feuding and neverending quest for money and control of their respective markets.
This should be a lesson for the well-intentioned nerds working on AI:)


Here is a little sauce to add to your “baloney” as you call it:

I would suggest avoiding knee jerk impusles when you attempt to troll as it only makes you look more ignorant than you likely are.

If dairy and cheese are identical they are certainly redundant terms. Yes, you are correct, I refuse to understand how language works. I’m over that. In fact, I especially refuse to understand English. In my senior years I determined that I would OVER STAND the language instead to free myself from the chains of ambiguity. To do this I have chosen a more radical approach to language. So far I am very pleased with my results. In so doing I can spot a troll a mile away. But for the time present I will continue to feed you for entertainment purposes. Yes, you are right and you have every right to feel insulted. Keep feeling that way. I am a busy man and I’m being far too generous here. I should have completely ignored your cough contributions. Troll away… I shall ignore you completely henceforth.


Wow, a google link for “graphene in living”. Much impressive. So insight. Very relevant to what you said, too.

I’m not trolling, I just think you’re not actually posting anything worthwhile. Do you understand the difference?

But they’re not, are they? When I say science is philosophy, that doesn’t mean philosphy is science. You get that, right? In the same way that saying cheese is dairy doesn’t mean that dairy is cheese.

Why should anyone even attempt to communicate with you then?

Yeah, the approach where words mean nothing, apparently.


The man was pure genius, an idealist, light years ahead of the rest. I cannot help but to symapthise with him. Tesla had so much faith in humanity that it is staggering to fathom this one aspect of his vision of the future. Myself, I am just an average cynic hoping against hope, as it were. But I am certainly interested in peoples views on A.I. and especially their views on Synthetic Intelligence. Thank you for your contributions. They are appreciated.


I thought when you were saying we should evaluate the different terms being used, it only makes sense. There are a lot of topics where people have a different idea about the meaning of specific words and terms. When someone explains the use of the term, it’s so much easier to get on the same page in a discussion. Like the term in the OP, “synthetic intelligence”. I had never heard it said like that before. But it does make sense now that we’ve all talked about it.


Well, I am far dumber than Tesla, and definitely crazier, but thanks.


lol I concurr and relate.


Here’s a thread on AI I made on a political site. I didn’t go over well with the non-technical folk. But I tried:)


Thank you for sharing that link. A well-written narrative, in my opinion. I also noticed that you included some videos in successive replies some of which I had been searching for earlier. You saved me some time. :slight_smile: Sam Harris also has some interesting material.


I come at it from the other end. We are the same as the other creatures only up the branch of brains > all. They do what we do. As animals its what we do,
While we can pontificate about it. Animals do the same in there limited ways. We got our ability to do it from them. Not god or humans being a singular elite. We are just a bear with a better brain.

I cant prove it any more than you can say god made us special or humans are the only thinkers and philosophers. I sure animals can ponder about there world .


Still how hard every county and arm forces and corporate entitys is working on creating a general AI to show off too the world. I think it emerging in the internet would need billion of years like live took.

We as humans. Only 100 year since electricity everywhere . Less than 50 Years with home computers expect everything in the next 5 years.

I dont think we live long enough now to see what we now dream of.

Herodotus was told by his Egyptian guides that it took twenty years for a force of 100,000 oppressed slaves to build the pyramid (with another 10 years to build a stone causeway that connected it to a temple in the valley below).

Could a modem human wait that long for anything ever ?
As far as I know all we do is chase money.


What if it has already been done? What if we are merely the badkwater cousins, the dregs of what left long ago? Just a thought.


I think we face a dilemna here… We could pay dearly if we manage to actually synthesise consciousness. We could pay dearly if we don’t and someone else does.


We are too knifty with our tool sets.