Synology Security, Backups, and Routing?

I am looking at getting a security camera system setup, and have picked out some hardware
I am going to need a 2.5GbE capable router
I have a need for a backup system, and have 2x 2TB drives. I personally only use about 300GB, right now, so I assume one would be a parody of the other drive

I know that a Synology system can do Storage/Backups, as well as security, and they also have routers available… But can I build a PC that would handle doing all 3?.. PEO Switch for the cameras separately

I happen to have a system with a 4th Gen Intel that’s been collecting dust which I feel like should be good for this based on reactions to some of the hardware I’ve seen Wendell using in some of the videos that cover these things separately, but I also have a spare Ryzen 2400G system I don’t use often

You absolutely could, but there are downsides to that. Every time you need to shut down that PC you will lose internet. Then there are security downsides: your file server network hardware will be exposed directly to the internet. It adds a layer of complexity to have a router virtualized.

I would strongly recommend having two separate devices for a router and NAS. Btw, you can run Synology OS on your own hardware including the VM. Google Expenology.

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I wouldn’t combine all three. Doing maintenance to your storage would then mean loosing network.

Taking the routing out of the mix means you can update software on the storage and security box from the internet since the Router will still be operational while doing so.

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Plug my Synology box to the router then mount with FSTAB. I use Xeoma surveillance software on Manjaro Linux.

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