Synology DS1819+ 10gig network hardware help

I’d like to get 10 gigabit networking setup between my NAS and PC, directly attaching the two with no switch. I’m trying to do this on the cheap so just getting a Synology approved 10gbe network card isn’t the answer. It seems getting used 10gbe SFP+ network cards from ebay is a good place to start. My NAS and PC are around 70ft apart so it seems either getting fiber or rj45 adapters is the next step.

I’d appreciate suggestions on cards that compatible with Synology and which type of cable is more cost effective to connect both cards.

Synology Products Compatibility List

I’ve looked at that list and everything on there seems quite pricey. They obviously don’t list the second hand items you can get cheap. It seems be possible to spend less on a pair of used hardware than a single Synology compatible card.

Well, then maybe look at what chipset is on the cards then look for ones that have the same? IDK if you checked Ebay for used ones from the list, but I bet that would be better than taking a chance on finding a ‘Brand X’ one that works.