Synclient settings

Having an issue with right click.  My touchpad can tap to click, or they physical buttons are integrated into the pad so the entire thing clicks left or right.

When right clicking, physically pressing down it opens the context menu and then clicks the first item while releasing.  The only way I can sometimes get it to not to is but clicking with a fingernail, which is not always 100% successful.

I've probably played with every synclient setting in existance and some that don't exist yet including:

  • RBCornerButton=0
  • RBCornerButton=3
  • RightButtonAreaLeft = 3575
  • RightButtonAreaRight = 0
  • RightButtonAreaTop = 4091
  • RightButtonAreaBottom = 0
  • TapButton1 = 1
  • TapButton2 = 3
  • TapButton3 = 0 

Can't at all get it to work.  Any thoughts?