Syncing daily driver with NAS "duplex" style?

Hello, any help or direction is appreciated. Just looking for the best way to achieve cloned drives across 2 win 10 computers.

Here is what I have:
1) My daily driver with an OS SSD a games SSD a 1tb WD blue for local machine backups and a 4tb Seagate for mass storage.
2) A NAS bulid / HTPC (just win 10) with a OS SSD and 3 - 3tb Seagate drives in a windows storage spaces pool for mass storage.
3) Both machines are on a 1Gb network with several other devices.

Here is what I want to do:
I want to sync the 4tb in the daily driver with the storage pool in the NAS in both directions. So that if I add something to the drive in my daily driver it automatically copies it to the NAS, and vice-versa if my wife backs up her laptop or phone across the network to the NAS it gets automatically copied to my daily driver storage drive.

This does not have to be done in real time, it could be set to sync overnight, conflicts would be very rare but I would default to any file save conflicts to the daily driver as the master.

What is the best way to accomplish this? Special software? Something built in that can do the cron job, etc?

Thank for any ideas.

You could use syncthing or bittorrent sync (resilo or whatever it's called now)

Resilio Sync should work great for this. I use it to Sync all of my user-folders between my laptop, desktop, NAS, hosted server and Android phone.

I've also installed it on my mums laptop and have it Syncing to my NAS as disaster recovery solution (not the best but its something).

Not sure about iOS but the Android client has an option to Auto Sync any pictures taken on the phone which may help.

Depending on the speed of your storage and how often your going to be Syncing stuff, I'd suggest limiting your 'Syncing' bandwidth to 900Mb/s as you could saturate a Gigabit connection possibly interfering with Gaming etc (Resilio has this built in).

Thanks guys, I'll check them out, I also got a recommendation for FreeFileSync in another thread. I think I'll just have to do a couple test runs and see which software suits the project best.

I'm not too worried about the bandwidth, my goal is to have it do the sync overnight, not in real-time.

I don't believe Resilio can be scheduled to run at a certain time without writing a script to start and stop it - probably not what you're looking for.