Not too long ago I was watching a bunch of short sci-fi films on YouTube, and I came across this particular film called Sync. The plot goes something like like this: a guy works for a government agency called Sync, where he has copies of himself (in the movies they're called shells), and if one dies, the guy's conscience immediately syncs to another shell. However, a girl creates a virus that accidentally infects the servers of the Sync program, and the virus evolves into a full-blown AI, so the guy has to stop the AI.

When I saw this I was completely blown away. I actually found it to be a lot better than a lot of the big movies I've seen. This movie was released a couple years ago, so many of you may know about this already, but I decided to share it anyway.

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Corridor digital have quite a lot of good stuff.
Nice favorites playlist. ;P

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Thanks. :P