Sync iphone without usb

The Usb on my iphone is broken, i can't afford to repair it is there a way to syinc without connecting it?

I have it jaibroken i think that will help, i tried to google but did not come to a solution, i specifically need to add music to my library, possibly ebooks but mainly music.

I tank enyone that takes the time to respond.

Greetings from italy.

You can't of googled very hard tbh.


The problem there is "To set up Wi-Fi syncing, connect your iOS device to your computer with the included USB cable." I think this should help you. Though since i don't own an iOS device i can't try if it does everything you want to do.

Hmmm if the USB is damaged, is the phone still charging?

Have you tried a different cable as well?

Yup did not set if up before it broke :(

Yes i bought a new one but no luck 

This is most probs out of date, due to the fact Apple implemented the WiFi sync.

You should be fine to do this, as it requires a jailbroken phone.