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Symphonic metal: Where are the lower vocal ranges?


Nearly every example of symphonic metal features a mezzo soprano vocalist, and I don’t of any with male leads that do clean vocals. While I am a huge fan of Dianne van Giersburgen, I’ve always resonated more with lower vocal ranges - one of my favorite clean vocalists is Lauri from Metsatöll (the one on flutes here:

While I am looking for vocalists in symphonic metal, it’s more a soft requirement - I’m really looking for any (clean) vocalist with lower ranges (i.e. alto, low-baritone/bass) of any similar or relate genre. Any suggestions?


Have you listened to Falconer? Not as low range as the example you just provided but compared to the typical power/symphonic metal voices this one might fit the bill.


Reminds me a bit of TÝR, nice.


I’m not much into metal but I like that. I don’t like the screaming type vocals.


Me neither. Good thing there are plenty of bands that don´t do that (Nightwish, Within Temptation, Volbeat, Týr, Sabaton, etc.) or do it “tastefully” (Amaranthe).


You can try kamelot if you don’t like the dialects of the European metal bands, but other than that u can try sonata artica


Falconer is definitely a good one.

I’d post a link to my power metal thread, but I’m pretty sure they’re all higher register vocals (particularly Stratovarius and Angra…).

Christopher Lee has a lower voice:



Dragonland also has a lower pitched voice, but very often goes higher than what I believe you’re looking for.


I was about to mention Kamelot as well but wasn’t sure. Roy Khan’s (former lead vocalist for those who are unfamiliar) vocal range was quite varied but I would say he mostly did high pitched vocals during the early years of the band. Now Tommy (current lead vocalist) more or less tries to cover the same range but I would say he also sings mostly on the higher end. At least neither really sound super mezzo soprano so I suppose it is worth a mention.

As for Sonata Arctica, well, an interesting choice. Again I think he sings mostly mid to high pitch. Definitely not operatic soprano either at least.


Oh man I had heard about Sabaton for a while but it wasn’t till this year that I decided to give them a try and damn did that album (The Last Stand) get me hooked instantly. A super interesting voice indeed.


I’ve never been a big power metal guy - it’s a bit over the top for my tastes. But I will say the vocalist for Heroik is in tune of what I’m looking for. I’ll look into them.


I really wish I had better examples of what I’m looking for. The best one I can think of right now is actually Rammstein’s “Mein Herz Brennt”, particularly leading up the chorus at 1:50

ASP is another example:

Other examples venture more into gothic; an example with female vocals is Theatre des Vampires

Or Mandrogora Scream

PS - So after going down a bit of a rabbit hole, I did find a couple bands that meet.
Oh. My. God. Nicoletta Rosellini :heart_eyes:

Kobra has the vocals, I’m just not sure I like the direction of the band’s music lately.