Symantec Norton post video to shame secure hosting

Just watch an angled video made by the antivirus company Symantec Norton.
The video is against bulletproof hosting.
A security company that is against encrypted and secure hosting cant possibly be trusted running their antivirus program on my computer.
How did that sales apartment come up with that this video would be a great idea?

Maybe something to shine some light on your YouTube channel?

The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet - Where Cybercrime Goes to Hide

It is frightening how bad some of these big antivirus companies are. Most paid AV software is just as bad as a virus IMO. Norton, McAffee, fsecure, and now even AVG must be run by corporate boards that have no clue about how their software actually works or how terrible it is. I don't think the people in charge of these companies have a clue about what their software should do and only are concerned with shoving their product down as many throats as possible. Even if this means fear-mongering, false-promises, or flat out lies. Whatever it takes to get people to buy their junk. I could rant for days.


A 24min video with about 2min of actual content. Yuck, that felt like watching regular TV.

The funniest thing about this is how the sea platform guys had to forbid copyright infringement in their ToS... Can't escape the reach of copyright mafia, even in international waters.

I have no idea what you're talking about, that was pretty interesting.