Sylosis - New Album

So... Anyone ever heard of Sylosis? I'm sure some of you may have heard their last album maybe... Their sort of a mix of Thrash / Death / Prog / Melodic, and they blend it all very, very well. Their new album "Conclusion of an age" Is a pretty good mix of everything... I recommend it to you guys here.


Sample : Track 2 - After Lifeless Years

And lawl at Jason. Nigga got trolled :D

i just listened to there song teras and its fucking epic get me started on some more shit like this what are some good band u suggest noting satanic etc... slipknot is eh... (i know laugh at me i listen to slipknot) i need some good metal

I was listening to my Death Metal collection and like it's like radio and it keeps talking about satan and shit and I was like wtf!

pretty awesome i didnt understand shit but yah sounds good the guitars and drums are awesome