Switching from Ubuntu to something else [Solved]

Lol wut? They are also two of the easiest distributions to install Nvidia on it history with PopOS being next in line?

I’m all for promoting arch but not for the wrong reasons xD


Honestly here’s my objective opinion It distribution is really nothing more than an inclusion of a kernel some basic tools and other things needed to really get the base operating system working everything you tack on top really isn’t distribution specific. Now where do distros shine? They shine out and they’re very very niche tools. What have they created or a script that you’ve created or a UI integration they have created that just makes your life easier If you find that manjaro does that which for a lot of people it does… Go for it It has one caveat. You need to update frequently and those updates are going to be large because usually things are held back versus arch where they’re just released as they come. There’s an advantage to that You have less package mismatches. There’s a disadvantage to that as well You don’t get the updates as fast as arch and you certainly have bigger updates which can break more but it’s still a rolling release It’s just semi-rolling.

Fedora is a fantastic distribution it was the first one I’ve ever jumped on it was the way I got into Linux way back in the fedora core days. I can never say how much I hate that distribution but I also love it at the same time. It goes through its ups and downs and be aware that sometimes fedora just sucks.

People’s opinions of Linux distributions are going to change by the month My recommendation is just try out what you want in a VM see if you really like that kind of workflow if it works for you go for it stick to it don’t keep changing there’s no purpose in it. What you’re doing is called distro hopping and it just kills your productivity

@Biky had a recommendation I too recommend. If you can stay away from the AUR as much as possible I’d recommend that. These aren’t always the best packages. If you can install stuff and build a package manager and install that for the AUR you’re more than capable of compiling and building your own software and doing those updates once a month


Yeah, Fedora has a harder time with Nvidia drivers as you are at the mercy of bleeding edge. Arch is better in that you can manually select a driver and stick with it, not have it constantly be rolling.

AMD on Mesa with rolling drivers makes perfect sense though because of how differently it’s managed.

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I see where you’re saying you don’t actually have to upgrade the driver. Though on arch I do choose to

I would say that fedora really isn’t that bad as long as you’re using the negativo17 drivers. They are packaged a good bit better and more modularly and usually don’t interfere with the operating system.

Fedora is a pretty good developer’s workstation I think a lot of people don’t give it the credit it deserves.

Arch is probably the best distro for me because I prefer something that gets out of my way that I can just install what I need and want and move forward from there but I really do like Manjaro and the reason for that is cuz my parents run it and I’ve been looking for a unified distro to rule them all because I maintain my family systems remotely. It’s nice to know what I’m working with and to have the same commands ran.

So every single system is archbased in my realm of working with systems right now

I wouldn’t say that any distribution leans toward AMD as almost all of that has been open source and integrated. Which includes Mesa. Which makes it really easy for any distribution to be okay with AMD so that’s where my confusion came with your statement

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I will say that for whatever reason so far my graphics drivers have been more stable on Fedora than they ever were on Ubuntu.

Ubuntu has always been the redheaded step child of debian. Debian is more stable but requires more configuration to get right and often caught eating glue in the corner

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We have something for this

I dont think sarge nor I has looked at it since last year full disclosure


I am going to roll fedora for now. I do like what you are saying about just keeping everything the same. ATM I have to deal with Apple stuff, Windows, and Linux between my family and the in-laws so I can’t really consolidate as much as I would like atm. When I have need of more devices for my personal use I will be more attentive about keeping everything on the same distro.

Then use fedora :wink:

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Distro choices is like religion , you choose if any which suits you. I’m probably old school with linux and other distros where the help if you asked would be either RTFM or STFW .Personally my daily driver consists of debian . freebsd13 and winders10. Debian is the most booted OS , does freebsd and Winders do what I need to do yes ? Why do I mostly boot debian it allows me the best of both worlds FreeBSD and winders in a desktop. Need to experiment with another distro sping up a VM.