Switching from iPhone to GS4

I am I apple fan boy breaking out of its shell and buying a GS4. I am still in contract with Verizon so I am geting a GS4 without contract. Were is the best place to buy a GS4 without contract? Also how can I get all of my itunes song over to the GS4.

I can't help you on where to get one cuz I'm in Canada, and loathe touchwiz with a passion, but the best way to get your itunes over to your android device is with Synctunes.

Well, there's half of your questions answered.

Can't you export your music from iTunes? I know I did when I used to use it. From there on you can just dump your music on a SD card and Android will take care of the rest.

Unless they're that ungodly M4A format. If everything is MP3, you can copy and dump onto the SD

I think you should wait for June 26th and buy the Google Edition of the GS4 from the Play Store for $649USD. It'll be much better than a sim-free Touchwiz GS4. The dev support on XDA should be amazing for it too.

As for the songs, just put them on an SD card and you're pretty much sorted from there.