Switching from Integrated Vega Graphics to Dedicated GPU


New to the forum and to Linux, so please forgive me if I seem naive as I am. Officially made the switch to Linux this week and I’m enjoying it immensely, however there are a couple hiccups that I can’t seem to find the answer to online. My system is running a Ryzen 5 2400g and up until about a month ago I was using the integrated Vega 11 graphics while I was saving up for a dedicated graphics card. I finally got my AMD Radeon RX 590 Fatboy and the switch from my integrated graphics to the dedicated was nearly seamless on windows. Just updated the graphics drivers and it worked. On Linux was a different story.

I’m currently running Zorin OS 15, and have updated my kernel to 5.1.15 as I know the AMD Open source drivers are pretty good. The problem that i’ve found is while my system is detecting the 590 as the graphics cards, but in gaming tests such as DOOM (2016) using Steam Play, Deus Ex Machina natively in steam, and Overwatch using Lutris I’m getting gaming results similar to how the integrated graphics performed. Another problem I’ve found is that the HDMI port on my motherboard is the only display port that isn’t a black screen. The ports from the dedicated card produce no image.

Is there something I need to update in the drivers or something that I need to configure that I haven’t yet? My os is nearly stock at the moment except for the kernal update. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you change your bios settings to switch over to the dgpu?

Yes, Bios is currently set to have the PCIE card as default video device and not IGFX.

Also the system detects both the integrated graphics and dedicated but only list the dedicated within the about system.

Hmm weird, is there an option to run applications with the discrete graphics if you right-click the launcher?
Alternatively before editing the xorg.conf file what about if you disable the igpu from the bios completely?

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There is an option to run with discrete graphics, but I don’t think that i’m getting the full potential of the card when using that option. Even on medium setting in Deus Ex Mankind Divided I’m only seeing around 40-50 fps.

I’m -assuming- the command doesn’t get passed on/bug, hence it’s running on igpu.
But can’t troubleshoot/consult, I’m out drinking atm.
Someone chime in plox

Alright. Thanks for the assistance Baz.