Switching from Android to Blackberry?

Hi yall.

Now that my 3 year contract is coming to an end next month I've been considering buying a new phone without a contract. ($500) budget.

In my search for a new phone I find myself drawn to the Blackberry z30, despite there being cheaper Android phones with better hardware and even some with Cyanogenmod pre-installed (N1 and OPOne).

Here are my justifications:

  • Security: end-to-end AES256 for Email, BBM, etc and as a bonus I'm not inclined to use any Google services.
  • BBOS 10 has an android runtime so I don't think I would miss many apps.
  • Long battery life. Coming from a Galaxy Nexus I'm craving some long battery life.
  • Aesthetic and weight, I like hefty professional looking phones.

Reasons I didn't like the alternatives.

  • Oppo N1 and 7a are currently white only, not a fan of that if I'm going to spend $500+ I want a black phone.
  • Galaxy Note 3/S5 may have the same security venerability as my current phone.
  • LG G3 isn't out yet and may be too expensive when it is.
  • OnePlus One isn't available.
  • One m8 is too expensive.
  • Nexus 5, Google is scary.

Truth be told though, I've been on Android (vanilla and cyanogenmod) for so long I kinda just want to try something different.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Honestly?  I cant think of any reason why NOT to get a z30 - but it depends on what you use your phone for.

Only downsides (if they matter to you) is no Google play services even though you can install android apps - so that means no Google play, no Google maps, no downloading music or movies that use Google services.

If that doesn't bother you then I say go for it.

My use case is pretty light (SMS, Email, Music, classic games) which is why I've seriously considered the z30. The only thing that I might have to give up is a Bluetooth OBD-II car diagnostic app which I'll still have my old phone for anyway.

I figured that for android apps I could just sideload the Amazon app store and use it to make sideloading other apps quicker (granted they run afterwards). As for music I usually use 7digital anyway.

Thanks for the input!


AFAIK all android apps are compatible as long as they dont run under google play - so your OBDII app should work, blackberry has native android support - only google apps are affected.

Well it looks like I'll be able have my cake and eat it too, Thanks again.

Blackberry is really a nice mobile phones and for me that was a good decision ,the last time that i switch phone is when i was working in a it pavelu or IT service and i switch samsung to iPhone cause we mostly use iPhone instead of samsung that's why i change my phone.

If you want security and rivacy, I would rather go with the Blackphone (no I didn't mean Blackberry)

I'm a diehard blackberry guy, and have been since the Tour. Yes... It's been a rough few years! That said, now is a really exciting time to get into blackberry. I'm currently using the z10, which I LOVE. I do wish the z10 had the OTG USB features the Z30 has, but it's not a deal breaker for me. 

For me, I'm holding out for the Passport at this point though. Have you seen it? It's not going to be for everyone, but it looks awesome for my work load. Maybe give the Passport a look? You might want to hold out for it?


the amazon app store will be added in the 10.3, you can however side load snap for access to Google play and all the apps you have purchased on your google account up to now. You won't regret the change to BB10 I do suggest installing all the updates before trying it out as 10.2 and 10.2.1 has fixed alot!