Switching from AMDGPU Pro to fully open Drivers (Arch). SDDM won't start

I got fed up with the Pro once again and I wanted to switch back to the fully open source drivers. I uninstalled every single amdgpu-pro package (which is quite a pain in the ass actually). Then I installed the packages xf86-video-amdgpu, mesa-libgl, lib32-mesa-libgl,mesa,lib32-mesa,mesa-vdpau,andlib32mesa-vdpau. Now SDDM won't start. When I start KDE Plasma/X11 using startx, however, it works. I'll be trying Gnome and GDM after I post this. Does anyone have an idea what I'm missing?

Installing the AMDGPU-PRO driver often blacklists the radeon driver. Did you remember to remove it from the blacklist?

Im not using the radeon driver (using a fury x here. probably should have mentioned that one) and even if I was, if the driver was blacklisted, X wouldnt start

Update: Gnome and GDM work and so do borderlands 2 and wayland. Starting kde from gdm does not work however