Switched from Intel to AMD, now it bluescreens

My friend's work PC wouldn't work. I figured out his motherboard went bad. Here's the original parts, and the new ones -


His old parts: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3nzU9


The parts now installed: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/3nA3n


He's using the same hard drive and video card. The issue, (no surprise), is as soon as windows 7 starts to load it's logo, it blue screens and restarts instantly. Windows tried to do a repair but it didn't work. Is it possible to change drivers? Since I'm unable to even log into the computer it's becoming quite the issue. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated

did you instal windows 7 fresh when you changed the hardware,
or did you just put the hardware in and tried to boot it?

Did you backup the data and reinstall windows? You can't just swap out the CPU and motherboard and try to restart the computer. The files in the windows subsystems are dependent are certain processing architecture. 

I would recommending plugging the HDD into another computer, backing up all the files, and then reinstalling the OS and programs. Then move the files back over.

New hardware and tried to boot

I unfortunately have learned that the hard way, (but I learned lol). I just talked to my friend, so long as I backup his work files it's okay to re-install the OS. Appreciate the help Feral. I feel silly for not thinking of that option.

Reinstall windows.  Too much hardware change and windows needs to reconfigure.  The old drivers may be causing problems as well.

No prob man. Glad I could help.

New mobo = fresh install.