Switch the1230v3 into a HTPC?

I have an E3-1230v3 and H87 board in my gaming pc at the moment, but thinking of going AM4 when the new CPUs are out.

My HTPC is a G3258 and Z97 in a mini ITX. So in this case I'd put the 1230v3 in the HTPC, and then put the G3258 and H87 board into something else and give it to my family or something.

Does any of this sound like a good idea? or am I just fucking around?

And would switching the 1230v3 into a mini ITX case be a problem? Going from 53w tdp currently in that case to 80w tdp.
Not a lot of airflow going out, but it has a Phanteks low profile cooler immediately in front of a 120mm vent with no case fan on it (the HSF kind of takes the place of the case fan).

What a waste of the 1230v3

You could put it into an Z97 Mobo (eg Asrock Pro4 Z97) and turn it into a decent gaming box

I don't think that will be much of a problem. I have a 8350 in my HTPC which runs above 90% utilisation with very little airflow and I haven't experienced any issues.

Try it out and keep an eye on your temps.

Keep in mind the 1230v3 has no integrated graphics, so if your depending on motherboard outputs for your tv/projector/monitor connection, you'll need a graphics card.

Sure, why not. Also you cna try to downvolt it as much as you can with the Z97 motherboard to make it more efficient.