Switch locking tabs broken

Wonder if anyone has experience with the RJ45 locking tabs broken off the switch ports. I recently bought a used dell 2824 switch and it’s all good but some of the ports have the locking tabs broken as if someone tried to yank the cables out of the switch at some point. Not really sure on a solution to this one. I thought it was the cable end themselves so I replaced a few and it didn’t change. Further looking at the switch it’s the actual ports that have the end of the locking bit broken off. I might resort to tape… or any other sweet ideas to keep my cables from falling out with the slightest bit of movement.

Can you take a picture?
I have a hard time to imagine what the damage looks like.

I would think the tab on the actual rj45 / 8p8c connector would give way before the socket, but gotta admit, I never pulled That hard to test it…

I’ve seen some impressive feats of hanging on a single taut wire though…

Edit: sorry, was not doubting, just surprised someon went ham on the equipment.
But I guess if they only make ~$10 profit on it or whatever, then they can only afford so much time to carefully handle it…

welcome to the world of refurbished enterprise equipment. where the basement techs earn minimum wage, and are only expected to restart machines.

hopefully some will have a boss that cares enough to teach them something.

If you look at port 18,20,22 you will see that the front half of the tab is broken off. This stops the RJ45 from locking in place as it normally would. Port 24 is fine though as a comparison.

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Holy shit, that has to have been some considerable force.

Use a shim, like a toothpick or 2, folded piece of notecard, end of a ziptie, or some such, to exert upward pressure.

Yes that would provide the extra pressure to keep the connector in place. A pain in the butt though to get each one seated securely. I don’t know if this worth the ask of trying to get a refund, probably not since the switch was not that expensive. It works great otherwise.