Swiggity swooty im comin fo dat booty!

So on my way to a dinner party, I spotted some computers buy a dumpster and got them. Deifintely some awesome parts here.

Build 1

some 1/2 decent gigabyte 478 board with 512megs of ram 

1 uv cold cathode

5x uv led blue 80mm fans

cheiftec dragon with crack in plexi

dragon fan grille

awesome ide cables and other interconnects

build 2

unknown case with same finish as an aluminum mac

p4i865pe plus dragon 2 v1.0 motherboard

3.06 ghz pentium 4

512mb corsair ram

more led fans

radeon 9600xt

maxtor ide 100 raid card

zalman cooler

more awesome ide cables

they dont have any psu's but im sure i can get some extras. I went ahead and put a spare phenomx4 build inside thw cheiftec to make it simmer. unfortunately its using a dynex 400w psu. and it will be awhile before i can get anything much better. ill post stock images and if i can find a camera, post some of the awesomeness. the 3rd system was a boring windows me dell with 256 mb of ram. it has a socketed p2 and a geforce 2. it could be a cd player i suppose. maybe ill slap linux and make it an e-mail box. otherwise its going in a trash can after the ram, drives, and fans are removed. I Plan to upgrade the p4 board to its max 3gb of ram and buy a better graphics card. Could one of you maybe recomend something that can still stream videos and such like a 7800gt?






I had cables like this in my P3 rig 8 years ago. I remember that case being reviewed on my favorite pc magazine.


Do you remember the name/issue?

I'm still using my 7-year-old IDE/PATA HDD. It's reliably awesome.

I have a lot of older tech. I generally pick up older PCs at thrift shops and tear them down. Never know when you get stuff that's good!

fans and uv and maybe  case are  cool 

It's always nice to find those P35 motherboards with DDR2 in them, since it overclocks just so satisfyingly. I helped my friends piece together a PC for another friend. The final product was an ABit P35-series motherboard with an E8200 Core 2 Duo and 4GB of DDR2 PC2-6400 with one of my friend's Nvidia TX 760 (because reasons?) The final overclock to the processor was at 3.8 GHz, or 46% and the RAM we clocked at 957 MHz at the stock timings of 5-5-5-18, or a 15% overclock on stock timings.

You guys are lucky.  I've never found a thrown out old computer in my whole life, but if I do I plan to put a lightweight version of linux on it and use it a media box or something along those lines.

just put a free comp recycling ad on craigslist.



I got an old Windows ME machine, a DOS machine, and a few old consoles to boot. At the end of the day after I get the parts I want I recycle the metal cases to get some extra cash for upgrades. Then give unused/damaged parts to a guy that makes sure they get taken apart properly.

I've built a ton of computers using the older parts. Also repaired other peoples computer and I've done a lot of tinkering (and a lot of breaking) with the old computers. Right now I have a P4 478 socket 2.4GHz OC'ed @ 3.0 GHz, runs great. Also RAID 5 over 3 20GB hard drives and this thing is oddly super fast. Almost as fast as my i3 PC with an SSD. Compared to boot of course.

haha nice one pistol, you guys should chance the max picture size to 20mb so I could upload 4k images.

That would be neat. Of course that might eat up all the bandwidth and we'll have slower load times. 4k and slower load times or faster load times and 1080p. Tough choice.  

The question remains: what will you do with all this?

the dragon now holds a phenom x4 9650 and a bfg tech 7800gt as pictured. The other case holds and am3 athlon system that is 1/2 complete. and im gonna fuck around with my new delided socket 478 3.06 ghz p4. ill overclock it, untill it hertz, untill it MEGAHERTZ

Sounds like loads of fun. You may have to stick some heat spreaders onto the RAM if they don't already have them, or they'll fry. DDR runs really warm when you overclock it.

Never fails to make me smile.



Isn't that the truth. DDR gets pretty warm without putting an OC on it. You could place a fan in front of them to keep them cool.