Swiftech H220

Swiftech is making a "all in one" water cooling loop designed to be a starting point of liquid cooling. They made it a closed loop, but if you want to upgrade you loop later down the road you can use everything there and just loop the new stuff in. You do not need to get rid of anything! The CPU waterblock has a built in pump, that is strong enough to cool CPU, MB chipset, two GTX 680's, and push around 80c

This cooler is quite amazing. Swiftech never fails and they have really out done them selves this time. Iv been looking for this kind of solusion for a while so i could get into water cooling and this surely does the trick! Now we just need a release date!!!!

I totally love it too. I am not going to get an aftermarket cooler until I see a releash date for that. I totally want it, and already have plans to mod it.