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Swap and Partition disk encryption post install



I am currently running Ubuntu 19.04 and am interested in encrypting a swap partition as well as another “storage” partition.

The situation:

I have two disks, a SSD(where system is located) and a larger HDD (intended for storage). I opted to erase the entire disk and encrypt at install. Unfortunately, the installer only allowed to select one disk to erase and encrypt which was the SSD. On top of that, the swap partition that was created was only about 1GB in size ( this is a problem because I require one that is 8GB). It is rather too late to reinstall the system due to all of the work and configurations that will be lost if I need to reinstall so I would prefer to avoid reinstalling.

What I would like to do:
Disable and/or delete the 1GB swap that is on my SSD and create an encrypted one on my HDD. Create an encrypted partition on my HDD and have it auto-mount on startup for easy access.

Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Please note that I am somewhere between a beginner to intermediate linux user and will require some patience.

Thank you


Grand Admiral