SUSE Uptown Funk and Maroon 5 Sugar Parody (its good)

What else is there to say, there actually pretty good :D


Those were pretty awesome! Hadn't seen them before, thanks for sharing

Jamming out while I install leap lol

Edit: The ball is in your court Canonical and Redhat rofl @WastelandSamurai

SUSE is a good distro (link for anyone interested), and there package manager zypper is really good. For some reason though ive never been able to get used to it, I tried it the other day and have instead settled down into Debian and Fedora (desktop and laptop). I think im just not used to the way SUSE works really, but like it otherwise.

Yeah Suse is a bit different but I really like the community and those tools. Being compatible with fedora/Redhat helps too lol


It's the single best distro I've ever used. It replaced Mint, when TW changed goals. I love it. I've never really looked too much at the community for a distro so much as the documentation and SUSE is king in that respect. I love Fedora, but it doesn't make much sense anymore. I can't see the benefits besides a stereotype here and there that it sees the most development (which isn't so true anymore, I can add factory repos to SUSE and get the same affect). The kernel is really the only thing I see as a benefit over anything else that can be had in SUSE.

Edit: I fixed my grammar. Somehow community was Munich???

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hahaha I hadn't seen the second one! Both really cool

According to an equivalent subreddit, here's how NOT to do a tech parody. Sorry in advance

i have just installed it on my laptop, i'm enjoying it, i just want to get the hang of virtual machines and wine before i put it on my main rig (so that i can still play games).

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Any Amd centric issues before i install leap on my 8350 rig ?

If your GPU is AMD you will have to add the Geeko 3rd party repo.

Yup, amd gpu's. Still rolling through possible configs. I am having a love affair with the desktop exp. :) ty for the input. I haven't had any issues with my intel amd mix but i haven't tried to game with it either.

Sebastian Seibert makes the best drivers but he hasn't released a repo for leap yet.

Or use the open drivers depending on your card. They work well.

I say that then plasma crashed. :( It likes to do that when i have updates. ?

You could start and stop Xorg to prevent that init 3 to stop and init 5 to start.

Unreal 4 games don't like the open source driver hopefully AMDgpu and vulkan will solve that

Sent that video to may dad big Linux fan who then sent it to his IT department its a great video

I hope so. Ive not tried a number of games. any game needing OpenGL <=4.1 should work though with the latest release.

Also, this is my most successful topic ever.

And thank you'd or making a topic that is fun.

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I am just working through my first install of suse and leap 42.1. Quit bit different then my mint kde install. I havent seen any temp monitoring tools anywhere ?