Surveillance of military personnel

Greetings, I live in 29 palms California near the marine base and want to set up a proxy Internet access point and a plex server out of one of my computes.

If you're wanting to do this to surveill soldiers, it's probably illegal.

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more like I am military and want to be treated like a civilian.

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are you under surveillance? do they really do that? do you know how you are being watched if so?

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The only options out here for Internet are Boingo or TimeWarner.

boingo is definitely monitored, there have been people who have been arrested for torrenting. haven't heard of anybody having problems with TimeWarner. But people do dumb stuff like trying to get the app isis made and stuff.

Mm, I'm unsure of the ethics here.

On the one hand... you agreed to this stuff, it's part of your job.

On the other, we should be able to expect a reasonable privacy, even in the military.

Any particular reason for the plex server?

Yeah I'm pretty sure there are repercussions for bypassing security on a military base, and its definitely not kosher IMO. That's one of those things where I think its just part of the job...

If he's prepared to risk whatever consequences, I won't say he's wrong. Assuming he's only linking personal devices into this setup, I also don't see the security risk to the base, or anything like that.

Its the military. If your doing something on the base that isn't explicitly allowed, you can get in trouble. I won't be contributing to this one anymore, trying to break military security isn't a good idea IMO.

Keep your principles firm, friend.

From what my uncle and grandpa tell me when you are in the military you are property. I've heard people say that they got in trouble for tattooing their own body while in the service. It was considered defacing government property. Also, aren't you aware that any and all transmissions within a certain area around anything major is actively monitored? I feel for you, I really do but it's safest to just bite the bullet for now.

Thank you for your service.

its not that im trying to do anything wrong, more like if i every try to get a top secret clearance they really dig into your personal life. And being very interested in linux and network things a lot of the websites and fourms i go to for code and solutions could be suspect. You can get in trouble for getting a tattoo in a training environment( just initial entry such as basic). Also the placement of the tattoo and if its racist/controversial(such as a rebel flag).

To the OP: I'm in the military now and if you live on post there is no legal way around it. I recommend sucking it up, moving off post, dealing with it, or get out. I'm not intending to sound like an add, but this is what you signed up for.

Idk, I'm not trying to argue with you I am just another random opinion on the net. There are times when I am in places or say things that COULD appear suspect but I maintain my innocence by displaying myself openly. There are many ways one can conduct ones self and you can try to be as evasive as you want but I can say from personal experience that it's largely just a waste of time. I appreciate our service men and women so I wouldn't like to see someone get in trouble over something that could be avoided. Once again, this is all just opinion.

Getting sunburn is a crime:) In the UCMJ there is the general article. Basically it exists incase you piss someone off in a way no one thought of before they an still charge.

Question: How many steps from the shower to the urinal?
Answer: I don't know?
So your the guy who's pissing in the shower!

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sadly that is true

uhh yeah, you just gave a reason how or why that could happen.... Anyway, thanks for your service and have a good day.

its just hard to be to learn how to be a white hat when learning how couters work could end up biting
you in the ass

I recommend you pay for a private vpn, install tor-service under a linux environment, and then use something called proxychains.
You can find out how to install tor fairly easily online.

Then it's just sudo service tor start. sudo service tor status -- to check if'ts running.

You should only use tor if you're on the VPN and especially disconnect TOR before you disconnect your VPN, since ISP's can tell if you're using it if you're not on a VPN. It's best to pay for these things because it offers a higher level of privacy.

I use something called PIA - Private Internet Access.

You can also pay $50 - $70 / month for SOCS5 proxy chains and it's fairly easy to find youtube videos on how to do it, and where to find the services on a google search.

These 3 things will completely anonymize yourself.