Surround sound and PCs?

Was wondering if there are any receivers / amplifiers that are built for use with PCs.  HDMI and Digital output are out of the question, because I want to retain the awesome onboard audio and SupremeFX Sonic Studio my motherboard offers. Would like to hook up a 5.1 system using 3 3.5mm to RCA plugs (Front L/R, Back L/R, Center/Sub).  All of the systems I looked at only support stereo input because HDMI and Digital output are more popular choices for surround sound these days.

Also, I'd rather not use a "computer surround set" like the multiple Logitech sets (Z-5500, Z906, ect...) because the speakers are puny in comparison to home theater speakers.


TL;DR version: I need suggestions on a receiver/amplifier with separate inputs for every 5.1 surround channel (Front left, Front right, ect...) that puts out about 75-100 watts per speaker.


Bump for an answer plz

most gpus with HDMI will output up to lossless Dolby True HD and DTS Master Audio. As long as the game/movie/music file has the codec it will play to you reciever.

Most sound cards that offer "surround" is just an up converted to DTS NEO 6/X and Dolby Pro Logic IIx. Most recievers can do this up convert so it is a waste of money to pay for it again.

Also 3.5 is a bad route to go for Surround it can't deliver full response for power hungry lound speakers. Also I find it best to keep the signal digital until it is at the speaker. Also one HDMI cable is much easier to deal with than 6 RCA cables especially  if you have multiple surround inputs.

The surround digital to analog converter on a receiver is most likely a Bryson or Wolfson. Those will beat the pants off the DAC in your PC.

Denon, Onyko, Pioneer, and Yamaha all have good receivers at reasonable prices.

You will have to buy a separate preamp and amp if you want discrete RCA inputs and that will get very expensive. But because the amp is separate from the processor  you get more/cleaner power but it comes at a higher price. Marantz, NAD, Arcam, Anthem are great brands for preamp/amps. Emotiva and Outlaw audio do make budget priced separates. But because the amp is separate from the processor  you get more/cleaner power but it comes at a higher price.


Could I get a program with features similar to this that supports the HDMI audio from a 780?

Don't worry about an equalizer. A receiver will do it better. Most have a feature called Audessy which does room correction. That is great for any non treated room. Just let the PC be a source and let the DAC/processor/receiver do the heavy work.

Also a Receiver will have way more control as an equalizer

Here is where I landed.

Yamaha RX-V377 Receiver

Monoprice 10565 5.1 Premium speaker set

I'd assume all is well for a sub-$500 budget?

before you buy I would suggest going to a place to listen to the receiver and few others in the same price. 

Not really an option when you live in BFE.  I'll just send it back if I don't like it.  Nonetheless, thanks for all the help.  Really appreciate it.