Surround (3 monitors)

So i currently have 1 benq gl2450 24 inch 60hz screen but I would like to have a 3 monitor setup for racing, BUT I also play allot of counterstrike and would like a 144hz monitor for that (1 of the benq ones). Should i go with 1 144hz benq and 2 60hz benq screens? Im also running 1 gtx770 and im not able to upgrade that but i currently get 200 fps in cs go.

It would be best to keep all your monitors on the same refresh rate. For example; having one in the center at 144Hz and two on either side at 60Hz will look weird.

It's a tough call though, it's a bit of a decision you will have to make for yourself. If it helps I think JayzTwoCents runs his monitors at 144Hz.

You can always go down, correct? So if @svennixx set up in his GPU tool suit for his 144Hz monitor to use a 60Hz rate instead, normally, and then specifically added cs.exe (I don't play CS; forgive me if it's wrong) to bump up the center, would that work?

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He could just take like 2 seconds to manually change it

People are lazy! Never expect them to do something manually they can do automatically! Especially PC nerds. ;)

Seriously though, the system exists for the changes to happen without thinking about it. Is there a downside?

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Thanks guys, i bought a 144hz monitor yesterday and i can indeed turn it down to 60hz and will get a 3rd monitor soon!

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NP, of course.