Surfing at night can be bad

I was up for a bit and got to youtube surfing. I was looking at you old How to videos from another place and got to wondering, did you get to keep the "Orange screwdriver" or were you made to get a new one? Ya I'm a dork that can be easily amused, but curiosity gets the better of me. So I gotta know....




Answer on the show or via the forum, but in either way I gotta know *smirk*



PS: I did warn you I was a dork...



OOOPs! I forgot to add this. To go with your threats for not subscribing... I got one for you. I apologize to those you work with and see if you don't answer... 

If you do not answer, shall then I curse you to picture all you see in pink fuzzy underwear and matching bra, regardless of gender.

Again, Pistol, Wendall, Qain and others I'm sorry..


above your icon in the main post there is an "edit" button, feel free to edit that in to it and delete your comment.

Nah, I'm good as is, beside if the curse is separate it may be over looked be over active imaginations.