Surface pro 4 - What's your verdict? Buy a pro 3 on discount instead?

Sooo, Whats the verdict?
I was kinda boarding the hypetrain, until I saw what the i5 256gb model costs.. -.-'
Geeezh, super expensive, I'm considering the Core-m model, but is that even worth the money for the performance? Im just looking for a student machine, I'm studying Civil Engineering, and are using Autodesk Revit a lot, how does it stack up against my laptop a Lenovo e420s with an i5 from 2011 (it runs revit like a champ, but the battery is so wasted, and its kinda heavy by todays standards, especially when im biking 9km to school)
Any qualified advice and/or oppinions would be greatly appreciated! :)
Thanks :)

oh btw i live in scandinavia, so I can't get the surface book or whatever that thing was called, not that the price on that one is even the slightest bit better OFC.. ;)

If a mobile i5 from 2011 runs it well, then the core-m will do just fine.

Personally definitely get a pro 3 at discount now :) its not like a pro 3 i5/i7 is under powered :)

I good pro 3 should stand-up to your general workload, just remember storage is at a premium with surface pro though, but you do get faster flash storage...

its really if its going to be beneficial over a standard laptop, either way battery life generally isn't anything to shout about especially for power users

I'm beyond disappointed that they didn't sick an antenna in the Surface Pro 4. This was the #1 request in almost all the Surface Pro circles. I can't believe they chose not to do this.

Wait for @Wendell 's in depth review

Oh a 4g antenna?

Yeah LTE antenna.

For your needs it sounds like the pro 3 would do just fine. I suppose the decision should be based on how much cheaper the pro 3 is.

You should wait for the reviews. The Surface Pro 3 is in theory great for graphics work with the aid of the Pen, but it has some problems with jitter when drawing slowly. Also the parallax effect can be pretty annoying.

This is why I think the Surface Pro 4 could be better suited for people that need it to do graphical work. I'm thinking of getting one eventually if reviews from graphical artists will be positive.

Or, maybe Wacom will surprise us with something better along the way.

The big problem with the Surface 4 is battery life. When undocked, the tablet part of the Surface Book only gets 3 hours of autonomy (and that's the optimistic Microsoft spec estimation), and the keyboard part does not recharge the tablet part. What use is a tablet that can only last 3 hours, that's less maybe two meetings with staff, or one meeting with clients, or less than one practicum at uni, less than one seminar, etc...

The normal Surface 4 does better, but still isn't great. There is no use getting a Core when it throttles all the time. Microsoft should have made a Core M/Atom-version... these are limited internal resources devices anyway, small cooling, small internal storage, etc... they're selling a tablet as a PC. Windows 10 is much more resources hungry than Windows 8.1, except for the system size, because a lot of the system files are compressed by default. That's also why Windows 10 is quite a bit slower than Windows 8.1. Android is getting faster with every iteration, which makes Android tablets ever more practical. Microsoft is really moving the wrong way, they're selling subcompacts with nerfed V8's where the right power train for this class is a nifty hybrid or hydrogen fuel cell electric, because Microsoft doesn't have the app ecosystem that Android and Apple iOS have, with a lot of apps that defer computational tasks server side, offering a much faster experience than any amount of local hardware in a portable package could ever offer. It's quite ridiculous to sell a tablet that does Premiere Pro on a 12" screen in my opinion... when there's WeVideo for free on Android and iOS. Microsoft tablets are basically OneNote-machines, everything else is better on Android/iOS. Microsoft could have made OneNote machines based on ARM that are a fraction of the price and a thousand times more useful because of extended battery life and lighter form factor. The Surface is still the product nobody needs...