Surface Pro 4 vs Surface Book

Hey guys which would be better for programming and college notes?

You could spend like 25% the cost of those and get a solid device for that.

If you put a gun to my head and asked me this question, I would tell you to get the book.

In reality both of them are utter shit. The surface is just awkward to use as always, and the book only has good battery life and performance as a laptop.

And the book is only a good laptop when you get the 1800 dollar version.....which needless to say is waaaaaaaaaaayyyy too much money.

The dell xps 13 or the macbook pro 13 inch is a much better laptop for the money.

Nothing beats a pen and paper for notes, can't go off and play games or search for useless things. Then as another has said, an actual laptop would be better for programming. Pick something that has a nice build quality rather than specs to see you through college.
An ultrabook has been perfect for me, been great for programming, CAD work, and anything else that gets thrown at it.

The surface book might have good battery life. Not that there are many reviews out.

It depends what your gonna program if you want a MacBook or not. If there are courses like c# you're better of getting a Windows laptop :)

Buy one of these

win at life

It runs linux so get it NOW :)

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Lol, then just install windows on it.

I never recommend a macbook because of OSX. I recommend a macbook because it has a lot of very nice hardware for the price.

At least here in the Netherlands its way overpriced. You can get the same performance for €300-400 less