Surface Pro 4 Running Linux


I have Ubuntu 16.04 L.T.S running on my school's SP4. I managed to get the Type Cover working but the driver doesn't seem to work correctly when the keyboard is disconnected/reconnected. Does anyone know how to a) find the driver that is actually running the Type Cover and b) make it so that it will detect the keyboard when it is reconnected? I'm fairly new to drivers in Linux since most of my PCs have hardware that will run out of the box.

Also, has anyone successfully gotten touch working on the SP4? I have seen tales of it working online but so far no real instructions.


A school's SP4? Their IT Department might not be to happy about that...

I have permission from the IT guy. He's a Linux user too.

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I might be mistaken, but I believe I read something about this with regards to ubuntu 16.10.

I think they might have addressed this problem already.