Surface 2 linux kernal

I am currently trying to get Linux to boot on my surface 2 RT.
Currently I am in grub and I cannot load the kernel. I am using Ubuntu server arm edition, just because its easy for testing.

So what I am able to do, is boot into grub using this link
I can load the initrd using the command initrd /install/initrd.gz
However when I go to load the default kernel using linux /install/vmlinuz file=/cdrom/preseed/ubuntu-server.seed quiet it says error: invalid zImage

I presume its because the kernel isn't support, I have no idea. If someone could help me it would bre greatly appreciated.


Have you checked Secure Boot? If the keys are not in the db, it will never load, but there is a way... Welcome to Hacking !

Well, how does one do that :o