Support 'Help Tek Syndicate'

First off, apologies if Inbox.exe was not the appropriate place for this topic.

Second, greatly appreciate all the hard work and time the Tek team puts into their business to keep it fun for us all. This is an excellent and informative gateway into a wonderful community. 

Moving along, it's no secret that the amount of money raised to 'Help Tek Syndicate' is currently far from the $50,000 at a deadline of Dec 31, 2013. As someone who loves what the Tek stands for and an avid supporter of this uncommon global affinity, we are all responsible for the ongoing quality production of independents like the Tek within our community. 

Having said that, perhaps we could all bounce some ideas back and forth to help Tek Syndicate reach it's financial goals, or at a minimum further the amount of money raised before the cut off so they can continue providing coverage of what matters most to us all and perhaps delve into some uncharted water. 

So we have the obvious, 

Donate money, bitcoins etc - perhaps those who are cash strapped and would like to donate could contribute with unused funds on gift cards (Prepaid visa, mastercard etc) or perhaps you have unused money in a paypal account or another similar service that could be used to benefit video production.  

Help the Tek grow, tell your friends, family, colleagues and maybe even someone walking their dog! The more people that watch, the more likely there will be new contributors! Social media, word of mouth and anything in between. 

Tiers of donation, perhaps... $30 gets a Tek mug and a pen, $60 gets a mug and t-shirt, $120 gets a t-shirt, mug and poster, perhaps even autographed? The purpose of this is so that not only the Tek walks away with some extra money as donation for further growth but so the person donating also helps promote the Tek indirectly and gets something cool out of doing so! There could be adequate time before the years out to set up a donation program like this. 

Even donating quality used gear to the Tek for giveaways much like Logan and Linus are doing right now with the 670, psu etc.

Anyone else have any ideas? Perhaps expand on a few I threw up or some of their own?

Not trying to overstep any bounds here and am in no way affiliated with Tek Syndicate, just a fan.



Also I have a NH-D14 I'd be happy to send over to the Tek, perhaps for a bench system, personal system, giveaway whatever you'd like to do, just collecting dust here.

Missing one small clear rubber spacer (like the one on the heatsink) there are 7/8, excellent condition. Could be used for Socket 2011 as well if the $5 mounting kit was purchased.

If one of the Team is interested let me know!







Logan answered your question on inbox.exe last week if you missed it.


=) Yeah did see that. Was just keeping it up in case anyone has some other ideas and missed out on the vid :).