SuperMicro X11SDV-12C-TLN2F - OCuLink U.2 NVME Issues

Hi, I have a SuperMicro X11SDV-12C-TLN2F, I am trying to get an NVME (MyDigitalSSD 480GB BPX Pro) drive to work with ESXI 6.5, or even show up in the BIOS for that matter. The drive is connected through the OCuLink port via the correct U.2 cable connected to a StarTech U2M2E125 M.2 to U.2 Adapter. I have the pins set correctly (pin 2-3) for PCI-E x4 NVME, but still no look. Really getting me annoyed.

Has anyone got this motherboard or a similar model?

Could it be a BIOS setting I am missing, or could it be an unsupported M.2 drive i am using? Also, where exactly in the BIOS settings should I see the drive show up, once it’s working of course?

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