SuperMicro X10SLM+-F Fan Control

Linux-centric question that may require experience with Supermicro server boards:

SuperMicro X10SLM+-F LGA1150 Server board. HDDs getting toasty, want to increase minimum fan speed of HDD bay fan or all fans (PWM controllable). IPMI lets me pick from 4 fan speed profiles, 3 of which are far too slow and the other is 100% duty, too loud. Running Debian Jessie.

lm-sensors's "sensors" command does not detect any fans. "ipmitool sensor" has them, as does the IPMI webpage. Still no way to control them beyond the fan profiles, as far as I can tell. Writing a script to oscillate between profiles sounds like a bad idea, which doesn't leave much if I want the speed to change with temperature.

I'll try some unholy combination of physically removing the PWM pin from the HDD fan and adding an in-line resistor, but a more flexible solution would be great! Has anybody here played with one?

All of the supermicro boards fans are controlled via the bmc. As a result restricting any os's access to the fans control.

The boards are designed to sit in data centres, and as a result only care about cooling... Not noise.

The only supermicro boards that allow from for the OS to control the fans (as far as I know) are ones without ipmi or targeted at the workstation sector.

Maybe this FreeNAS Forum could guide you in the right direction.
I set my FAN RPM alarm threshold which is working great, not sure if you can set PWM limits as i never played with RAW Commands. try'n'error perhaps?! :)