Supermicro Superserver E200-9A

Hey everyone!

First time posting here!

I currently have sitting on my desk a Supermicro Superserver E200-9A that is waiting for the pfSense crew to include native Intel Denverton NIC (X553) support.
In it, it’s got the new Atom C3558 SOC with 10GBit NIC support and Intel QuickAssist. RAM is DDR4 ECC-Reg 2133MHz (2x 4GB) 8GB. Storage is a Transcend MTS400S (TS64GMTS400S, so the newer Model) with 64GB of M.2 SATA storage space.
If anyone would like me to test something on this machine, I could do that until pfSense catches up.

In the next few weeks I will try to install MS Server 2016 1709 (maybe 1803?) on it, see if it runs…
I’m gonna be very busy the next few weeks, so please don’t expect an instant respone.


Hello again everyone.

In the meantime I have installed Windows Server 2012 R2 and installed the driver for the x553 NIC manually, which worked great. I did have some other undetected devices in device manageer though. Everything else worked great. Performance was good, although I didn’t run any benchmarks.

I got a great hint from a helpful user at the pfSense forums, that they changed to freeBSD 11.2 in the pfSense 2.4.4-DEVELOPMENT versions, and so I tried to install and it worked. I can now very happily report, that my E200-9A is running pfSense. I haven’t had any system-specific hiccups.

Hardwarewise, I installed at first two then later on the third 8.5k RPM SuperMicro Fan (PN FAN-0100L4). It did make the system much quieter and it doesn’t run hot at all.