Supermicro Dual Xeon Home ESXi/NAS Build

This build started with with this post.

I received my used Supermicro CSE-745 server yesterday along with some other parts and the RAM upgrade today. Still waiting on the hard drives and SSD from Amazon(they or the USPS seem to have misplaced the package), but I went ahead and started playing with it using an old laptop drive I had laying around. I have installed ESXi and now have a Centos 7 VM installing to play with; I'm planning to use Rockstor with BTRFS for NAS duties.

Specs when finished:
Supermicro CSE-745 chassis
Dual Redundant 800w Supermicro PSUs
Supermicro X8DTH-6 motherboard
2x Intel Xeon e5506 quad core CPUs
48gb Registered ECC DDR3
120gb SSD for VMs
5 or 6 2TB Hitachi HDDs
Optical Drive(BluRay if I can get MakeMKV working in Linux)

Initial Pics:

(Leatherman for size reference)

I'll take some better pics when I get the drives in and everything setup.