Superlux HD668B still the best under $50?

So I went back and check out that video, would they still be the best to get for under 50 bucks? I don't care all that much about audio quality over all, they're going to be used mostly for gaming and, other things, I generally just use my speakers for music.

Previous headphones were a razer tiamat 2.2, got it used for pretty cheap, but I now have a desktop mic so there's not much point to having them anymore, they seemed to work pretty well for position in CS:GO though.

Anyways, is there anything new in the under 50 dollar range for headphones? The superlux look pretty nice overall.

I bought the Samson SR850's for $50 and I love them. They're super light, have amazing sound for the price, and personally are my favorite headset that I own.

But no removable cable though...

They seemed to work fine for me in CS:GO, I went with the 7 dollar like velvet pads or something for replacements, not too bad, probably won't need to trade them for anything for a while

I also had no problems with them.

But as allways, its more like religion, so you better try them out!
If you don't like them, return them!

I'll give you my thoughts on the headphones.

- They sound amazing.
- Huge sound stage so positional audio is damn good especially for games like CS:GO.
- Pretty durable. I'm pretty careless with my headphones and there's no sign of damage yet.
- Removable cable and they supply two cables in the box; a long and short one.
- They're so cheap!

- Quite a lot of treble and not much bass.

- Open back so not a good choice for loud environments or public, quiet environments.
- The "wings" on the top can get pretty uncomfortable from my experience.

Personally, I love them.

Edit: I now realise that this is a 6 month old thread that had been revived and that my opinions are kind of irrelevant now considering you've already bought them! Well I hope they are serving you as well as they are serving me.

If you can deal with uncomfortable headphones the Koss Porta Pros sound better in almost every aspect to my ears...