Superlux HD668B for Electronic Music?

I'm thinking about getting a pair of Superlux HD668B headphones, primarily for listening to music and a bit of gaming. I've never owned a good pair of "headphones" before. I'm currently use the Corsair Vengenace 2100 headset which is getting a bit old and has some problems. Although it's a headset, I actually quite like the sound after EQ. The bass has a punchy sound and I love listening to music on it. I mainly listen to Progressive House, Trance, DnB, and some other various forms of electronic music. I'm curious to know your opinions on whether these would be a good choice.

I've had mine for about 6 months and I absolutely love them.
I use them for everything.
They handle gaming excellently with little sounds being much more audible.
TV and films are also really enjoyable and they are still comfortable after long periods.
I listen to loads of music granted not really the same genres but they still perform excellently.


Thanks for the response. What other headphones would you suggest looking into at ~$50?

I'd probably go for them anyways but the Superlux 688bs still have great bass its just you sound like someone who wants a bass blaster lmao.
Honestly, you won't find much better for the price IMO


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You can also try HD681 EVO's. I personally can't love them more ATM.They opened up very much after a year of use. Also EVO's have a bit more bass than HD681/668b ,and come with velour pads included.

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yea, I would recommend the 688B, too! I own both(bought the HD681 for my gf) and although both are really good, you can notice, that the 688B has slightly better sounds(maybe it's the better bass). But both are uncomfortable after a hour and that may hurt after a few hours, so if you will buy one, make sure to buy better cushion for a few bucks more ;D

Thanks for the suggestion! That looks like a good choice, I'll probably get that.

Depends on how you define bass blaster. I'm not looking for a Beats sound or anything, I just want a little more bass than most.

I would suggest Takstars HI 2050's but they lack bass,and Pro 80's are a lot expensive than EVO's.

Assuming that you own the HD-681 EVO, does it leak a lot of sound? I would like to be able to listen to these on a bus or a car without people near me being able to hear too much.

They are semi open so they leak a lot and dont isolate much.So bus/car is no go mate.You are better with IEM's for that kind of stuff,and EVO's for a home listening.

I'm getting conflicting reports on how much it leaks. Some people are saying that it leaks a lot, but other reviews have said that the sound leakage is hardly noticeable at moderate volumes.

I can record the leak on max volume if you want.I drive them of the onboard sound.

That would be great actually! Could you also do it at a moderate volume?

For electronic music, you want good bass response, not open and airy sound. Something like the HD668b wouldn't be suited to it. The 681 EVO would be better as they have more bass response. Still don't know if it is exactly what you are looking for, but for the price, it is likely the best option that you have.

Will do,later tonight.


I have the superlux 668B's I also have some dt770's. But what I recommend that is similar to the superlux's but just feels much more premium and also sounds a little cleaner than the superlux's is the Audio technica ATH-AD500X

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They are not 50$ friend.

Here are your videos buddy.In both situations first half volume,then the max.