Superlux HD 668B Velour Earpads?

The earpads on my 668Bs are slowly starting to die on me and I want to treat myself to some velour ones. Any recommendations on velour earpads? Also which ones did Logan recommend in his headsat video? I saw he briefly touched on some in the Video but he didnt say anything specific and I dont think the thread for the video is accessible anymore. Does anyone remember specifically which akg earpads he recommended?

$25 on Amazon

Well after looking around, I am happy to say I can get them in germany as well. Are you absolutely positive theyll fit my headphones though?

Well, they fit on the Samson SR850's which are the same size as the HD668B cups, and if you check the reviews, one guy got the red version of the Brainwavs earpads to fit on his HD668B's.