Superlux HD 668B Are they any good?

Thinking of buying the Superlux HD 668B and i would like to know your opinions if you own them and fi they are any good and do they stand the test of time? I will mainly use them for gaming and listening to music and i do not have a sound card i will just plug it in the motherboard..

Should be just fine. And you don't need a sound card, waste of money

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Am gonna be using Zalman ZMMIC1 Lapel Microphone is there any chance of the sound coming out of the open headphones will be picked up by the mic ?

Maybe, depends on how loud the volume will be on the headphones and the sensitivity of the mic.

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They sound great, but the clamping force is insane at least for me.

They might be, yes. All depends on a persons head shape.

I just bought the 668Bs a few weeks ago, and they sound great! If you are coming from a gaming headset, you will be impressed.

I really hope so mate. Currently i have some really crappy 20 pound ''GAMING'' headset with a broken speaker...

Honestly it is hard to guarantee that any one person will like a pair of headphones. I was recommended the Logitech G520 or something like that, it looks like the pair that quain sometimes uses. I like the sound well enough, but the clamping force on the top of my head was rediculous. I however love the 668Bs and my only complaint is that the leather ear cups make my ears get a little sweaty after an hour or so of gaming. However I believe that logan said something about their earcups being compatible with a range of ear cups...I might just have to consider picking up a velure set. Hopefully if you purchase them , you wont be disapointed. :D

I have had the 668b for about a month and they sound really good. The clamping force is noticeable after about an hour but is not a deal breaker for me, it will loosen up too.
The biggest differences I noticed in these over cheaper headphones was when listening to higher quality audio files, you do have a much better experience listening to music. I was able to hear additional sounds/instruments and isolate them. Cheaper headphones do not have the necessary drivers/power to let you experience the music the way it was recorded and hear everything that may be on the track.

I got some for christmas and after wearing them for only an hour I did not like the little head pads because of the pressure they had so I just took them off and now just use use the clamping pressure to hold them on. and no the wire frame thing does not touch my head

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Definitely go for the 668b. I've got a pair and i did some modding. I would definitely recommend you to buy the cosmos earpad replacement for the akg k240 headphones or you can always do a sock mod. They're going to make it much more enjoyable and it'll have a fuller sound. Also adjusting the accoustics of the headphones will bring out even better sound. I added a felt cloth and some cotton badding on the inside to make the sound fuller. It did wonders to the headphones. Also you can bend the metal a little on the headband or do a 24h stretch over something the size of your head and it'll fix the clamping force issue.

For the price, i don't think there is a better headphone out there. Personally i did a little more than just those mods, i also replaced the cables with lower gauge cables and surprisingly it fixed some of the sound. Superlux uses terrible cables in their headphones and a simple soldering of better cable in the cans will do you good. I like to think that these are great project headphones, a little TLC and it competes with some $200 headphones.

Another little advice is that i would recommend for you to do a 6h burn in with sound audio samples, and run them all at once.

a while back i made a blog post about my experience with them...check it out:

I've had them for a few months, and they're great. Blew any "gaming" headset I've heard out of the water. The bass isn't overpowered like with headsets, and never distort. To me, the sound is very crisp. For gaming I can hear footsteps and small details very easily, but the loud sounds (explosions, etc.) are still very dramatic. I say go for it.