Super Low Frame Rate

Alright, so I a am getting rediculously low frame rates and I cannot understand why. I play BF3 and watch my frame rates with FRAPS, and I literally get 10-25fps on all graphic settings but ultra. My average on "Medium" is 16fps, and on "Auto" is 13fps, on "High" I seem to stay around 14fps. I literally have no clue what to do. I have had my hardware performance monitors open during games and it seems my CPU stays around 65%, my GPU is only at 70% and my RAM staying around 3.2gb. So, with nothing at full load I cannot detect a bottleneck anywhere. My system is:

Intel Core2 Quad Q8300 2.5ghz
8gb Corsair Vengeance
PNY GTX 650 1gb
550w PSU

Now, I have ran tests to watch my voltages and everything seems fairly stable, I don't have lots of random spikes or anything. Also, I have looked up multiple videos of people with GTX650 playing BF3 just fine, there are a few where guys with intel i3-3220 get upwards of 50fps on all high settings. I am just looking to run the game but even on low I cannot get over 25fps. I do not have any cap on for fps, all my drivers are up to date, and with that being said I am at a loss. If my system is honestly just that bad then I guess I just have to stop gaming until I can upgrade in October,but I would think I could run something.

PS: Power Saving mode is off, I set my system to performance just to see if that helped, nothing though.

FPS in other games for comparison: Blops II on medium-48fps average
Crysis 2 on medium-36fps average


Turn off V-Sync. It will sync your frame-rate to a common denominator of your screen's refresh rate in order to prevent tearing (caused by two different frames displayed simultaneously). In this case, it's likely 15FPS, since you are unable to reach 30. If you force it off, you should get higher framerates.

I also have a 650, and I'm able to get 60FPS at 1080, but I'm pretty much on the lowest settings, with anisotropic filtering at 8x.

Ok, so more than likely it is my GPU? That's good to know

A gtx 650 is a very low end card these days are you shure your not looking up  GTX650(TI) or GTX650 (TI BOOST) benchmarks on youtube?

ULTRA setings gets around 20fps @ 1080p with a GTX650(none TI)

Its a software setting. As ive mentioned, the 650 is able to deliver 60 fps if youre willing to turn off the eye candy.

Nope, I just turned off V-Sync and that made me go from 19fps to 28fps average, but that still isn't playable because I keep dropping to below 20.

Fixed it guys, thanks. I just tried a new thermal compound and my CPU dropped down to 40C which fixed everything. Literally, I am at around 50fps now.