Super Budget build under 400$ and that's including the OS

Hi guys, i'm just trying to throw together a sub 400$ pc that can run games
"stuff like WoW, CS:GO LoL Dota" casual games at decent frame rates, not necesairlly 1080p, maybe 1600x900 if it would run better.

Here's what I got
I'm not looking to Push the $400 budget either $380 is probably the farthest it needs to go.
So please don't suggest (saving a little more and get this) or any of that this is just a concept build

You could get much higher end parts if you considered going the used route, or instead of the 260x you could sink that money into a better apu and higher capacity faster ram since apu's benefit greatly from it.

Considered going the used route, the prices aren't always the same which is why I dismissed it. though new parts change all the time in price as well.

If you could throw together an APU build i'd greatly consider it and pair the two against each other.

Thought's on this version

Not bad for the games you listed. I had an e8600 build awhile back, and it did okay. I'm thinking that a cheap Pentium and a H81 board might be a better pick, though. Better single core performance on the newer stuff.

As far as strictly apu builds go it's very hard to beat kaveri .

$80 CPU + $100 GPU > 7850k