Sun Fire X4270 bios (Solved)

Hey everyone,

I recently acquired a Sun Fire X4270 for a decent price and I really want to drop a pair of X5670s in it, however the issue is that it has the bios it shipped with in 2009. I went to get an updated bios and I found that Oracle has placed them behind a paywall.

I didn't think this was an issue either, except that Oracle won't let you pay, $50, $100 for access to these files, they want a multi thousand dollar support contract to gain access.

So I was wondering if anyone has a bios for this system that supports the 32nm CPU?



A home lab so I don't have to run a pair of laptops upside down anymore. It is a bit loud, but I keep it under my bed so it isn't any more audible than your average pedestal fan.

I have an Oracle account with enabled support (not for your system, but SPARC and Oracle DB) and can download from, how about Patch 24901300: X4170 SW 2.6.10 - ILOM AND BIOS? ILOM r112721 / BIOS, latest from oct. 2016. I don't want to post it in public, but I'll send you a PM.

PS: here are the patch notes:


That would be absolutely brilliant, thank you!

Yay piracy!!