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@SEP @dinscurge and whoever else likes sun microsystems, lets chat about them! I for one am interested in learning all that I can about the machine I have. I certainly can’t AFFORD another one.

BTW heres the specs on my machine:

Sun Blade 2500 Desktop Workstation;
2x ultrasparc IIIi @ 1.25 ghz,
4gb total ECC Registered DDR1 ram (16 max, would love that)
XVR-600 - I have learned of a 1200. Is that a dual gpu version?
2x dvd drives, because sweg
couple other cards (usb 2.0 upgrade card, sound card tho idk why)

Currently its a testmonkey thats just testing me because I’m too stupid to get bsd yet (hurr) but the machine for sure won’t be leaving, tho I do have some for sale if anyone is interested.

also thx @kewldude007 I wish youda kept one to play with they’re super cool. I will mail you one back if you’d like.

For anyone also interested in just learning random crap like I do, do you have any videos of info that helped you solve something? Maybe a walkthrough of your fave machine? Don’t be afraid to post!

lookin at you lurkbois

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Does @dinscurge actually like them ? Based on his responses in the ZFS thread I am not really sure.

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while interesting I do not have room for another box atm, the offer is appreciated

I am also willing to set up ssh accounts. One to SEP and stenboi have been offered lol.

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The din just doesn’t like zfs is all lol.

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Yes yes and yes please

I have yet to be fortunate enough to fall into a Sun machine, but oh how I adore them

while i never owned a full sun system and i really want one i did own a sunmicrosystem external raid array enclosure

was scsi ultra this isn’t the common 711 this is a older model
for what it was and how loud it was the drives never failed and had ok read write for the time.

i got these from a school computer surplus sale many years ago and are now gone i want one again to make a sleeper itx in

I really like die shots, especially of the SPARC architecture

microSPARC II die:

Ooooh that’s pretty nice :ok_hand:


It should be pinned, we used to have clubs based on socket type and they were very popular, until the got unpinned.
Maybe a Sun and Sparc Workstation club.


In lieu of pinning, which would be nice.
You should set threads like these to watching, who wouldn’t want to be notified?!?!?!?

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you are welcome to buy one from me whats ur price range.

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I know I remember!!! Its why I starteh coming here. I would rowe for us to tave tham sorta action again. I’d probably like it more.

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Probably not enough hahaha
what are you thinking general price and all that?

I remember when Computer magazines would have a “workstation shootout” with the sun and Sparc and some others. It was kinda like when Car and Driver would have a supercar comparison. You knew you could never afford to own one but reading about how fast and expensive they were was fun.
Just the liscence for the OS cost more then some homebuilt gaming rigs

Yes I know…old people


Shame to see how Solaris is just so damn expensive :sob:
it’s a pretty solid OS other than that

I will say, Oracle ruins just about everything they touch, but in it’s mayday even they couldn’t sully it

also side note, my dream ol’ school workstation is a NeXTcube but the likelihood of even seeing one in person is not very great

I know it’s not Sun/SPARC but my goodness, it’s the sexiest workstation this side of history


idk what do you want specced out? you getball the cards either way cuz I ain’t sellin that shit solo.

idk 250 for my current silver unit, with the 48gb and 78 gb 10KR drives, 1.67ghz ultrasparc IIIi, 2gb ram, xvr600, sound card,ub 2, even send my openbsd 6.4 install on the drives lol.

bitch the amiga A4000T is way better.

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It was certainly cheaper… but the 4000T wasn’t released for something like 4 years later, and still with no DSP, by then the poor Amiga was looking pretty dated (I know, I know, Babylon 5 and all that). The A3000 released around the same time as the NeXTcube is by rights the best Amiga, done properly with no penny pinching. But I am biased, on a School science trip circa 1992/3 I got to have a go on one of the first VR systems powered by the Amiga 3000. It was awesome…

Back to the Sun, I remember being awed by the big cabinets we had in the Blockbuster International HQ in the UK when I started work there in 2000. They ran all the CRM and reporting databases and somehow looked cooler than the IBM AS400’s they were stood near. They were still there when I left in 2006 and I wouldn’t be surprised if they remained in use until Blockbuster UK finally closed. I imagine they kept a lot of outdated stuff running until the end - barely any budget to renew or replace and the Suns were reliable if I remember correctly.


Well that and sparc is as stupid powerful as power. Plug another one in, get more.

That, and once you invest 120k into a mainframe like that you’d rather keep that and do dirt cheap upgrades until its too much, or better solutions exist.

Speaking of upgrades…

…I remember when we had a big clear up in the server and build rooms and piled up all this old kit to be trashed. I was the Operator on duty and facilities turned up and asked what needed to go, we showed them and helped them take it all out to the skip/dumpster and off it all went…

…next day boss comes in and asks where the RAM upgrade kits are (I can’t remember if they were for the Suns or AS400’s.) we couldn’t find them. Cue our manager driving as fast as she could to the recycling center were everything was sent :rofl:

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