Summer temp comparison

Hey all,

So summer time is coming fast and its starting to heat up in my area of the world (south korea), and my mother board temp is getting up to 37c, my CPU is idling at 41, and my GPU is idling at 45. I was just wondering if you guys see dramatic differences in your temps due to ambient temperatures. I am not hitting danger zones when playing games and such, but I built my system in winter where my CPU idle was 28c and my motherboard was 28c as well.

Couple notes. I am aware that I can run the AC to get the temps lower, but my girlfriend doesnt like to run it all the time. I am just trying to get a gauge for what is normal and if anyone else has some issues in the past. I had my own place in previous summers, so the AC was always running when I was at my computer.

My specs:

i5-3570k @ 4.5     cooler: deepcool gamerstorm with 2x NF-F12's in push-pull

asrock z77 extreme4

MSI gtx 680 4gb twin frozer

Antec 300 with 3x 120mm intake, and 1x120mm, 1x140mm exhaust (all fans are antec tricools set to "low")

Your temps seem totally fine to me. 

I've got an H60 cooling an i5-3570k @ 4.4Ghz, and I idle at around 40c and max out just below 80 when the temps outside are in their 90's (Fahrenheit)

And my Twin Frozr idles at roughly 40-45c, and my DirectCUII idles at about 35c.

On average I'm looking at 30's for my CPU and 35c and 25c, respectively on my GPU's during normal 70-80F weather. 

I've got a 120mm set up as an exhaust right next to my two GPUs. And I use a 200mm top fan as an intake, and two 120mm fans on the front as intake. Exhausting everything out the back and sides. 

I am stressing my system right now with aida64 My CPU peaked at 72c, mobo is at 40c, and GPU is at 67c. Ambient temp is about 85f.

Thanks for your input, I think I am ok. My last guestion would be about CPU socket temp. Mine got to about 45c. What is the danger zone for socket temp? Summer will be about 10f warmer than now (maybe more).

I haven't seen a lot of consensus on the internet over whether the core or the socket should run warmer. But by rule of thumb, I'd say that if its within 10+/- c of your CPU temp, you should be in the safe zone. I've never heard of anyone's system screwing up because the socket was getting too hot.

Yeah, I couldnt find much, on that as well. Thanks man. I am feeling pretty secure for summer temps.