Summer '09 upgrades

so its the summer soon and It's time to upgrade these are the parts I am planning to upgrade to

EVGA 780i FTW + 4gb of Gskill 1066 DDR2 + corsair TX750 watt psu + Cm scout + xigmatek dark night = $530

My current rig is
intel core 2 duo e4300
2gb ddr2 ram (board underclocks it to 533 -_-)
windows xp 32 bit
320gb hdd
9800gt 512
asus p5vd2 mx se (dose not OC)
some genric raidmax
stock heat sink
generic psu

later on I will upgrade to a q9550 and 300 series or 200 series for my bday

any suggestions?

I want the old forum back where people actually replied to threads with helpful information within a few minuets ... This is sad.

First get a new heatsink, then when your done with that trashy CPU you can reuse it. Then I recomend a new graphics> New MoBo > then a new CPU.

did you read anything i said
I am buying this EVGA 780i FTW + 4gb of Gskill 1066 DDR2 + corsair TX750 watt psu + Cm scout + xigmatek dark night = $530

I don't need a new cpu and gpu my current are fine for the time being
till later on in the year

I am not looking for performance increase I am looking for a stable system becuase this shit has way too many problems currently.

I am getting the dark knight so I am going to OC my current C2D

(Facepalms self) Oops.

That sounds like a good setup. However I would change the Corsair PSU to something a little more affordable from Thermaltake. But that's up to you.

why? I dont see the need to skimp out for a cheaper psu
$500 is what I have now so its good. how much am i going to save like 50 bucks it doesn't do it for me
I will never buy anything made form thermaltake too I just cant stand the company its too much of a shady company.

the TX750 is $170 on sale for 100 on new egg i better buy it quickly!!!

P45 maybe? Or do you wanna run SLI?

sli-ing in future

um i have a XFX 780 and its great ae i think you made the right choice and with that you can go upto 1333 on the ram i think hahaha mines a 1066 atm so yea man go hard the upgrade looks great perfect choice!!!!!

Oh yeah definitely get that.

My only recommendation is switch out the 780i and get the 790i and some DDR3 if you find it worthwhile
and maybe this
or this

Not exactly sure how much more that is, but this way your a little more future proof.

might as well go i7 or phenom 2
and it will be too much over budget

Actually those upgrades cost the same as the parts you are looking for. PLUS when you go i7 or PII you have some RAM that you can use instead of buying new stuff. it's up to you whether or not you want to do this though.

lol yea i didnt look at the price
its basically the same for a 790i as for a 780i
thanks for this bro

Yer welcome