Suitable NAS OS with software RAID for HP ProLiant MicroServer G7 N54L?

I’ve got this 10 years old bit of a relic with a dual core AMD Turion CPU and 8GB of RAM collecting dust on my shelf, and I want to replace my similarly aged Synology DS215j with it that is unfortunately succumbing to good ol’ faults from old age on the HDD riser (No spare parts to fix it, thanks Synology).

What would be an ideal NAS OS/Distribution suitable for this type of hardware, if all the workload its going to do is just SMB/NFS/AFP and iSCSI file sharing between max 3 clients at the same time and 4x 2TB drives? Its mainly going to serve as backup storage for my main box and iSCSI storage for my laptop when I’m docked for games storage.

I’m currently undecided between TrueNAS Core, Rockstor, Unraid and OpenMediaVault (even when this is a RHEL household).

I’d prefer not to chuck it into recycling or onto eBay if possible since other than the fan needing a swap it works absolutely fine.

TrueNAS is probably best if you want ZFS. That should be plenty enough ram given the amount and type of disk space and client you have, just don’t turn on dedup.

Unraid is best if you want to run VMs (and docker as well).

Rockstor I don’t know enough about.

OpenMediaVault if you want a web gui on top of an almost stock debian install. It also works with lots of drive schemes, so ext,xfs,btrfs,mdraid,lvm,snapraid,etc as long as you can set them up on the CLI first, then they can be mounted in the GUI.

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Thanks, I’ll go with TrueNAS in that case.

To be honest only time I heard of Rockstor is when looking at the 45Drives Storinators, but looks like they replaced that with their skin of cockpit instead and ditched Rockstor as well